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Emergency Night Shelter

CTiB opens an Emergency Night Shelter at Centenary Church when the temperature drops to zero or below for three consecutive nights. We welcome all homeless but have a strict policy of no drugs, alcohol or abusive behaviour.

The doors open 10pm - 10.30pm with a welcome hot drink and soup. Each caller is given a laundry bag containing a duvet, pillow and blanket which they name and use every night they call.

The accommodation is dormitory style separating men from women, although the vast majority of homeless are men.

Lights out at 11pm and we wake them at 7am, encourage all to have a drink, fill any flasks, after which our guests leave at 8am. Some request an earlier call if they are being picked up for work.

“During the winter of 2012/13 we opened for 40 nights with 42 volunteers providing a warm welcome and security with 3 on duty each night, ensuring that there is always a man and woman on duty.”

The service is generally appreciated by those with no roof above their heads and it humbles the volunteers who thank God they have a warm bed at home.

If you have a heart for the homeless and can spare a few nights during winter between 10pm and 8am, please contact Jane Flynn: janeflynn68@googlemail.com