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Healing on the Streets

 - What's it all about ?

Healing on the streets is run by volunteers from many of our partnering churches.

We are passionate about this because we believe that God loves everyone; and that Jesus Christ came to bring healing, in its broadest sense, to the ills and pains of Society, Nations and People. We do not guarantee miracles, but we do believe that God has not changed and that He still hears and answers sincere prayer, according to His wisdom and love – sometimes in remarkable ways.

Team members will be opposite BOOTS from 10.00 – 11.30 every Saturday morning.

If you have a need, come to us, tell us about it and we will pray with you. This is confidential and free – we will not accept gifts – God’s gifts are free. No gimmicks, nothing ‘spooky’ no ‘magic’ - just love and prayer in Jesus’ Name.